Civil Work


    • Horizon Commuication and Technology has been involved in the communication related civil work including but not limited to:

      1-Towers foundation, communication rooms, underground shelters, pre-fabricated shelters, engine generators and sollar power panels design and engineering work.

      2-Soil testing.

      3-Civil work of Towers foundation,  communication rooms, underground shelters, pre-fabricated shelters  engine generators and sollar power panels.

      4-Towers and poles erection work.

      5-Towers assesments .

      6-Towers maintanance and enforcement.

      Horizon has been involved in several contracts for the above mentioned works such as:

      * Installing more than 70 towers for Huawie in Libya.

      * Installing towers for NESIC (for Libyana operator).

      * Installing poles and towers for Tripoli Ghadamas backbone. 

      * Installing 4 major sollar stations in Tripoli Ghadamas Backbone.

      * Civil work for ZOC 839 project including tower and poles supply and installation, underground shelters design and civil work, solar stations installation, Main communication building for 103A field and FO cable trenching and laying.

      for more information please contact us