• Horizon Communication and Technology focus on providing seamless IT infrastructure solution to meet the client’s needs and to ensure the availability and scalability of the IT infrastructure.

      Such solution are needed nowaday  as the new business rules change every day to keep up with the market needs and requirements.

      We provide a full range of IT solutions starting from networks designs, implementation up to the professional tech support.

      Our IT team have the latest technologies to implement and have the experience and the certifications to support and troubleshoot any problems during the project phase or afterward.

      The change on business rules in new corporations and in public sector pushed towards a computerized environment therefor our Programming and Development Dept. provide what our customer needs and require from ERP systems, attendance system, access control system.

      One of our project was the design and operation of  the new visa issuing system for the Libyan Passport Authority.

      The development of ZAD payment system was a challenge to implement in Libya but we succeeded in this project and adapt the card payment technology with the Libyan market needs, ZAD payment system can do multiple transaction at the same time and that is the availability also this system can do inter-companies settlement plus online settlements with other retailers outlets.
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