• Horizon has been involved in the field of Communication since 2004 in Libya. we provide many services including:

      • Engineering

      We have a qualified team for surveying and designing communication networks including Microwave networks, Telephone exchanges (analouge, Digital and IP), LAN and WAN computer network (wired and wireless) and Solar energy units.

      We have provided this service for many projects in Libya

      • Project managment

      Horizon provides communication project managemnt services for many forgien and local companies.  

      • Installation and Testing and commissioning 


      We have 6 installation teams that are experienced in Microwave installation, testing and commissioning. They are trained and highly qualified to work in different geographical areas in Libya and adjacent countries. They are equipped with proper installation tools and safety gears. our teams can perform testing and commissioning for microwave network with their proper equipments.

      PABX & Networks

      We also have a highly qualified team for PABX installation, testing and commissioning. They are equipped with the proper tools to do their duty perfectly. they are also experienced in installting the LAN and WAN networks.


      Our uniqe Solar enrgy team is the best engineers in libya in this field. They are very experienced and have installed solar units for our projects and have been participating in other projects all around Libya

      • Training

      Horizon provides training for their customers operators. We have the most experienced instructors in the country. We also, have the proper place and tools to provide a usefull training.